Additional Activities...Be Sure to Check them Out!

Have you noticed the activities on the counter of each Play Street Museum?  These activities are carefully put together by our very own KC, who has over 10 years of experience working in children's museums!  These activities are meant to be taken to a table with an adult and explored more thoroughly.  There are several story books that relate to each theme as well!  KC has put together a one pager that accompanies the activity that is a 'cheat sheet' for caregivers.  I am not suggesting that you need the 'cheat sheet'...but once in a while it is nice to just have the answers! It tells what children can learn or take away from the activity and also has some questions you can ask your little one to promote a deeper level of thinking.   

These sisters learned a lot of fun facts while exploring our 'Let's Take a Trip' Activity featuring Paris, France.  Did you know that during the hot summer months heat causes the Eiffel Tower to expand and grow about 6 inches?  At some point during your visit, take a few minutes and explore the activity with your little one.