Promoting Early Interest in STEM

Creative play with manipulatives such as Lego Duplos, Tegu Blocks, Magformers, Unit Blocks, and even natural wood pieces are great ways to promote an early interest in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields.  To encourage extra brain power, give your child challenges as they build.  For example, if you child is building a house, have them think about what else a house might need.  How many people live in the house?  Do they all need a bedroom?  What other rooms might you find in a house?  Where will they cook, play or park their cars?  Encourage them to think about sidewalks, driveways and stairs. What will their yard look like?  Will it have a swing set, pool or grill?   For some children, especially older children adding detail is fun and they are learning as they play and create.  However, learning is still taking place when what they are building doesn't look like anything.  Building with blocks allows these little ones to experiment with balance and stability while creating towers, bridges and structures. Block play improves hand-eye coordination and if playing with a friend has many social benefits as well.  

Here are a few pictures of what our amazing architects and engineers have built while visiting Play Street Museum!