Character Building

The block area is and always has been one of my favorite parts of early childhood eduction, which is why each Play Street Museum has an area designated specifically for unit blocks.  Children are drawn to unit blocks because they are using materials with weight, form and function, and because the smooth feel is satisfying to the touch. Unit blocks are proportional in size and are meant to develop mathematical concepts in young children. Unit blocks also help children improve coordination, learn and apply logical reasoning, and practice problem-solving. But did you know that when your child is playing in the block area, he or she is also building character?  Building with blocks can be very frustrating. Building a structure only to have it tumble to the ground, having another child take the block you need, and then being asked to put the blocks back!  Playing in the block area provides a place for children to learn to work together, persevere, develop self-control, expand curiosity, gain self-confidence, and to overcome failure. Encourage your little one to spend some time in the block area....or better yet, go sit with him or her and watch them build character while building with blocks.