Growing Up Play Street

I took my girls to the mall last weekend and found the most adorable dress for our youngest!  If anything screams Play Street...this dress does!  Have you seen the bathroom wallpaper at Play Street Plano?!? I love anything striped, plaid or checked...especially if has a little navy in it.  When I saw this dress, I knew a photo shoot was in order!  I decided to snap a few pictures myself because I just couldn't wait.  I am no photographer, but I loved a few of these so much that I had to share.  I absolutely love the dress, but more than that I love all that these pictures remind me of.  Our youngest probably doesn't remember life without Play Street Museum...always perched up at the art table, serving pretend food and endless smiles.  She has spent a lot of time there and has to hear us talk about it ALL. THE. TIME!  Sometimes I feel guilty because she is probably mildly neglected as we pursue this dream...then I look at pictures like these and think of all the good times she has had and I'm thrilled that she is 'Growing Up Play Street'.  We love and appreciate our customers so much and hope that Play Street means as much to your family as it does to ours!