Robots, Robots Everywhere

We hosted a Robot event at Play Street Museum McKinney last night and it was a blast!  Each child received a tin can with a lid that could be taken on and off and a horseshoe shaped magnet. On the middle of each table was a caddy loaded with supplies that they could use to make faces, add arms & legs and accessories. Each caddy had the same exact supplies with the exception of one slot that contained a mix of miscellaneous pieces.  It was so nice watching Moms & Dads work with their kiddos to create a one-of-a-kind robot friend.  I overheard sweet conversations like:  What do you want to use for the nose?  This is an interesting you want to use it?  What could it be? It was absolutely amazing watching their creations develop. Towards the end of the evening, Michael Calahan from Rocket Science for Kids came and brought a couple of different robots to show us.  He has one that can solve a Rubik's Cube!  

(If you don't believe me or just want to see can watch it out on our Facebook page)  

He asked the kiddos if they knew what a Rubik's Cube was and if they had ever solved one.  It was pretty funny that several of them raised their hands that they had solved one.  :)  He passed the Rubik's Cube around and everyone gave it a couple twists and turns and then gave it back to him.  He placed it on the robot...and 95 seconds later it was solved.  This was so fun and neat to see...however...the best part of the night was seeing these parents spend quality time with their kiddos completely engaged on a project together.