3-2-1 blast off!

We had our Space Night a few days ago and it was a lot of fun!  Seeing kids pretending to be astronauts and scientists is pretty neat...knowing that it might inspire them and become a dream is very rewarding!  The kiddos ages ranged from 2-7 so we had a variety of learning activities taking place.  Play Street is all about pretend play so we didn't have the kiddos sitting at tables memorizing the names of the planets or other space related facts....we want them to learn through play.  Here is how the evening went...

An add on to the event was an astronaut suit...packaged adorably and handed to the space agent upon arrival.  

One of the activities was cutting out the sun, moon and earth from construction paper squares and adding stars that were stickers. This was very basic and some of the older kiddos added rockets and other planets to their project.  Using scissors and glue is a big deal when you are under the age of 5, so the little ones loved it.  Getting comfortable using scissors is important and the only way these little ones will master that skill is by practicing!  Stickers are also a great fine motor activity for little ones....peeling the sticker off the sheet and getting it to stick onto their work can be tricky.  


Another fun activity was designing and building their own rocket.  Since we were using the hot glue guns it was definitely a parent/child activity.  

After their rocket was built, they could decorate it any way they wanted!

Another 'space station' included spaceships, figures and tons of accessories from Playmobil.  We love Playmobil, but it does contain a lot of little pieces so we do not get it out very often.  This activity is great for imaginative play, but also requires little ones to exercise their fine motor skills.


Our spaceship landed a couple weeks ago at Play Street Museum McKinney.  It's available to explore during open play and the kiddos have had so much fun, but it was particularly special to have it for pretend play on our Space Night!  The kiddos thought through everything they might need for a mission and loaded up the back of the spaceship...tools, blocks, plants, fruits & veggies and of course some animal friends!

We ended the evening exploring other space activities which included a telescope, puzzles, games, books and best of all...ASTRONAUT ICE CREAM and FREEZE DRIED STRAWBERRIES!  We can't wait to do it again...it was a BLAST!