To say we are so excited about YOGA club in an understatement!  We are over the top excited about these girls learning YOGA, but we are just as excited about the team building activities and community service projects!  Some of the things we have planned are learning proper table etiquette then applying it at a team breakfast, making Mother's Day cards, decorating flower pots & planting flowers for elderly moms in retirement homes that might not otherwise receive a Mother's Day gift, baking dog biscuits for local shelters, learning how to make healthy smoothies and juices, our list of ideas goes on and on!  We will be volunteering, beautifying and investing in each other.  We hope you will join our club! 

Why YOGA club for girls?   We know it is important for children to be a part of a group or a team, however the highly competitive female sport options available are not a fit for every girl.  YOGA club offers a convenient alternative that allows girls between the ages of 6-8 to be part of a team, to develop friendships, to give back to the community and to learn YOGA in a noncompetitive environment.  

Why is it just for girls? Although we know YOGA is enjoyed by both males & females, we have designed this class, the activities and community service projects with girls in mind.  Please stay tuned for our YOGA class that can be enjoyed by both boys & girls.  

My child participates in other activities or is on other teams, is this okay?  Absolutely!  We know that things will come up and classes will be missed, but we do feel it is important for girls to attend a majority of the classes and events to fully benefit from all YOGA club has to offer.  

Why is there a registration fee and what is included?   The registration fee is $100 and covers the cost of the uniform, which includes a yoga top, cropped pants and a yoga mat all from ivivva, a division of Lululemon.  We would like for the girls to wear their uniform each Tuesday evening to our yoga class.  We want the girls to look like and feel like a team.  

Why do they need a uniform?  Generally speaking, when you attend a yoga class you do not have to wear a uniform, just comfortable clothing.  Since our desire is that the girls involved in YOGA club become a team of girls accomplishing great things, we believe a uniform is important.  Also, some of the team members may not be a part of other athletic activities and we want to provide an experience where they receive the many benefits of wearing a uniform.  

Why ivivva?  We chose to wear ivivva uniforms because we have like minded goals for girls and they are well...just cute!  

"ivivva sparks and connects a global community of brave, compassionate and adventurous girls – to get involved, support each other and impact the world around them in their own unique way." ( 

What can I expect from YOGA club for girls?  Each Tuesday evening we will meet from 6:00-7:30pm at Play Street Museum Frisco (5729 Lebanon Road, Suite 120, Frisco TX).  The yoga session will begin at 6:05pm and will finish at 6:50.  After their yoga session, we will have a team building activity or will work on our community project for the month.  The class will end at 7:30pm.  

Can I drop my child off?  After filling out required paperwork for drop off, you may leave your child at YOGA club for girls. However, one of the requirements for the class is that you agree to stay at one session every 6 weeks to assist with the team building activity or community project.  A sign-up will be available so you can plan accordingly.  

What will my child be learning?  Your child will begin by learning the basics of YOGA and will build knowledge and skill with each class.  In addition to learning YOGA, we hope to inspire the girls to give back to their community and learn the importance of teamwork.  A community service project or team building activity will take place on the first Saturday of each month from 9:00-10:30am.   

Who will be teaching the yoga portion of the class?  Yogees Yoga 4 Kids is the provider we have chosen for the YOGA instruction.  They are fabulous and have tons of experience.  Check out their website at

How much does it cost?  YOGA club is $100 per month which covers the yoga instruction and activities on Tuesday evenings and first Saturday of the month!  

If you have a question that isn’t answered here or would like to join the club, please email with YOGA club in the subject line.