Celebrate with JOY


We are so excited to be teaming up with JOY Macarons and bringing these tasty treats a little further north from May 1st - May 13th.  They currently have two locations in Dallas, one on Davis Street and one on Greenville Ave.  If you are looking for a unique  and memorable gift for someone special, pop in any Play Street Museum to buy a package of six yummy JOY Macarons!  

Each gift pack retails for $13.00*

 Meet Liz, creator of JOY Macarons.

liz joy macaroons.jpeg

I am a home baker who fell in love with the visual beauty, delicate texture, and intense flavor of macarons after visiting several iconic patisseries around the world. Finding it nearly impossible to get the precious macarons in Dallas, I began making them myself – as a way to satisfy my own cravings and to make friends and family happy. Motivated by the challenge of these temperamental pastries, I have worked diligently for several years to perfect a variety of flavors. Biting into one brings feelings of elation, contentment, happiness, and gratitude – in a word, JOY. Our mission is to live up to our name each day by bringing joy to our customers. 


We will be serving JOY Macarons at our Doll & Me Mother's Day Tea on Saturday, May 13th from 9:00-10:30 at Play Street Museum Frisco.  To grab your spot, click here:   

*To ensure freshness...supplies may be limited.