What's New at Play Street?

Want to learn more about the exciting things happening at Play Street Museum?  Well...keep reading to find out more!  We are super excited to have officially launched our curriculum that will vary by location and change Every. Single. Month!  We are calling it the Play Street Periodic Table.  It is on this 'Periodic Table' that kiddos and adults can take an in depth look into different culture, arts and STEM fields.  Thematic units will change 'periodically' so you never know what new adventures will be in store! 

Ni Hao from China

For the month of June, Play Street Museum Plano will be learning more about China with our unit called Ni Hao from China! Ni Hao means "Hello There" in the Chinese language.  Did you know that China is home to Mount Everest, the Great Wall of China and the Wuzhen Water Town? Visit Play Street Museum Plano and check it out...no passport required!

Put it On:  Children can try on a Tang suit or a Chinese Qipao Cheongsam Dress and compare and contrast it to your favorite outfit!

Try it Out:  Pretend you are in China while exploring the world village playset or learn more about the Chinese language with our Chinese language blocks.  

Take A Look:  In addition to multiple books about China and the Chinese language, you can look at the miniature Qin Dynasty Terra Cotta Warrior statues and enjoy the book "Ming's Adventure with the Terra Cotta Army", (a story in English and Chinese) to learn more about Qin Shi Huang, founder of the Qin Dynasty (221-207B.C.) and his Terra Cotta Army.  

Make Your Own:  Try your hand at writing Chinese characters which are used to represent the Chinese language.  Did you know that the Chinese language has over 3,000 different characters!



Pop into Play Street Museum McKinney then Pop Into Art! Learn more about different types of Pop Art and discover more about famous Pop Artists, including Andy Warhol, Robert Indiana, Roy Lichtenstein, Jeff Koons, Corita Kent and Marisol Escobar. 

Put it On:  Grab your smock and get ready to create your masterpiece at our easel! 

Try it Out:  Learn about the sculptures of Jeff Koons, Robert Indiana and Claes Oldenburg, then use the shapescapes tiles to create your own or make your artwork dance by tracing some of Keith Harrings iconic figures!

Take a Look:  Learn about these artists and see their artwork in the books: "Happy" by artist Romero Britto, "Pop Art: 50 Works of Art that You Should Know" by Gary Van Wyk and "Pop Art 123" by artist Keith Harring

Make Your Own:  At our art table, you can create your own Campbell's Soup drawing just like Andy Warhol.  

Design + Build

Play Street Museum Frisco will have the Design + Build unit for the month of June.  Kiddos and adults can learn more about construction and architecture though various activities.  

Put It On:  Little ones can grab their hard hat, tool belt and safety glasses to get ready for the job site!  

Try It Out:  Whether it is playing with the construction vehicles, attempting the arch challenge or building the Great Pyramid of Giza...there is a challenge for everyone! 

Take A Look:  During your visit to Play Street Museum, try to allow a few minutes to check out one or more of these cool books; "13 Buildings Every Child Should Know", "Cool Architecture" or "The Ultimate Construction Site Book"! 

Make Your Own:  There are two different building/construction activities to experiment with and we cannot wait to see what your "future architect" or "future builder" creates!