a note from the founder


As a mother of four who has spent the majority of my career in early childhood education, I know first hand both the joys as well as the stresses that can be associated with parenting.
If you are anything like me you find yourself asking some important and challenging questions as you make your way along the parenting journey…

  • Am I doing all that I can do to prepare my children to be happy, productive, and successful?
  • Am I spending enough quality time with my kids?
  • Am I creating lasting memories with my children?
  • How can I productively channel my kiddo’s boundless enthusiasm?
  • How can I recharge my ‘parenting batteries’ when my kids are fully charged but I am on low or empty?

It was in seeking answers to these questions for my family and myself while reflecting on my time in early childhood education that inspired the creation of Play Street Museum.
My personal observations and direct interaction with a diversity of learning methods has convinced me that one of the most important things we must provide for our children to help them develop is an opportunity to use their imaginations to creatively play and problem solve.
The Play Street Museum story isn’t complete as we are actively writing the next chapter (and it is action packed)…we would love for you to come visit your local Play Street Museum and join in on the fun!

Courtney Muccio – Founder, Play Street Museum

our Vision

inspire the world through play

Our Mission

provide superior quality play and educational experiences for young children and their families